Fun on the beach.

I absolutely love Knysna. It is a stunning place, so peaceful, so beautiful! I am always very excited to visit there. That’s why when our friends from Knysna asked me to do a family photo shoot, it was no-brainer, and it had to be on the beach. Plus, they are very outdoorsy, and number one request was – no cheesy posy pictures. 

We decided to have a photo shoot in the late afternoon. I was taking a chance with light running out, but the beautiful and warm sunset light was totally worth it. Plus, I knew that about three hours will be more than sufficient for the photo shoot. 

As usual, if you want natural looking shots, you can’t start immediately posing people. That would have killed all of the fun. It is very important for me that the process is easy and fun for my subjects. When everybody happy, I get the images I want. So while I was fiddling with my gear and determining what will work the best, l let everybody just run around and do what they wanted. During that process I managed to capture couple of cool shots. Ok, there was a moment when fun went to far, but luckily no serious injuries. I guess, that is boys…

I was trying to capture as many in action, natural looking shots as possible, but in between l would pull everybody together for more classic posy shots. At the and of the day, the more of the variety there is, the better. 

My secret desire was a stunning romantic sunset shot, and thank you Claire and Grant, you guys totally delivered! They made the sunset! It looked magical. What I mean, sunset is a sunset is a sunset, it is pretty, but can get boring quick. But add some interest to the scene and it is a completely different story.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. There were laughs and tears, too much energy and no energy. Competition for the space in the frame and total refusal to be photographed. And all of this is a part of the experience and the fun of creating the memories. 

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