Family photo shoot.


I was doing photography as a hobby for years. At first it was animals, birds and bugs. Later, people – family and friends. Like pregnancy photo shoot for a friend of mine, or the wedding of my brother, or images of the dresses I created. But I must be completely honest, I didn’t think much of it till I started a blog. This is when I discovered how exiting and challenging photography can be. I realized that all I was missing is a purpose for creating the image! Before I was just snapping the shot, now I started to think about creating the image. Trust me, they are two completely different things.

So as usual, my first serious photo shoot, after I decided to pursue a careers in photography, was for friends of ours. My theory in life is – if you do something, do it properly. So I realized that I can’t just pitch and shoot the pictures. If you want things to be done properly, you must plan first! And even if you plan everything, things still don’t go your way. But at least you feel calmer and better organized.

After all the research, location inspection, numerous postponements, finally the day arrived. And it had to rain the same day! Ah well, what can I do? Just make it work, I couldn’t postpone it any longer. So, after checking the weather on my iPhone, I just switched the plan. IPhone promised the rain at 2:00 in the afternoon. That meant that I had to do all of outside images first. Cloud cover provided soft, diffused light, so no problems anymore with harsh midday sunlight. Believe it or not, my iPhone was spot on, exactly at 2:00 it started to rain and we moved indoors.

When photo shoot was over. I was very happy with the outcome. I knew I got what I wanted and was excited to download and start editing the images. My camera of choice is Canon 5DS. It is full frame, 50MP camera. To save the space on the flash and my computer, it is set on medium raw file size. And I still managed to fill up two 32Gb flash cards. The first card had all of the outside images on it and I was particularly interested to see these shots. Can you imagine my horror when, after returning back home, I couldn’t find that card??? I looked everywhere, nothing! I phoned the friends, nothing. I knew exactly when, how and where I put it and nothing. I couldn’t believe it! Cut the long story short, I had enough of the images from the indoor session. And I have learned the lesson the hard way… But, a couple of weeks later, I picked up my 70-200 lens to use. And to my amazement, I discovered that exact flash card being stuck between the lens and a hood. I was the happiest girl out there! And the lesson is learned… Make sure that you pack everything properly and in its place.
Regardless of a near disaster, the photo shoot was an amazing experience! My subjects were great, and I have got plenty of lovely images. I am discovering that I am enjoying photographing people, and who would have thought that I am able to work well with kids! By the way, our friend’s little daughter was absolutely adorable.

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