Pretty in stripes.


This is my first post using WordPress app and all of the photos was taken by my IPhone 5s and edited in Afterlight app.

Usually I bring my Canon 5DS with me everywear. But this time I decided to read the books instead of snapping away. And as usual, the inspiration did come when I had nothing with me. But it’s fine, the marvels of technology are so helpful!

We are on hollyday in our beautiful Knysna. And I had to visit my favorite shops. I mentioned them in  the blogpost Shopping in Knysna. One of the self-spoils was a white crinkled top and strypy wide-legged pants from “Two on toast”.

This outfit is a departure from my usual style. And I love it. That’s why I had to do mini photo shoot by my favorite mirror in our holiday home. It was a challenge to work with the phone and to get an angles I wanted. But nothing gets your more creative then restrictions.

The mirror reflection is balancing brilliantly the repetitive nature of the stripes on the pants. And I purposely didn’t aligned everything perfectly symmetrical. To perfect can be boring.  And the main challenge was to hide the iPhone, because whenever it was a best angle, the iPhone was visible! Can be very frustrating. In any case, here are my favorite shots.

At the and of the day, it was more difficult to get what I wanted without heaving proper gear. But the bottom line is – nothing is impossible when you are in the mood ;-D.

6 thoughts on “Pretty in stripes.

    1. Thank you. The Afterlight app I used to enhance photos, like color, contrast, sharpness. The reflection is a ordinary mirrors in make up table. But the app that can give you similar effect is Layout app.


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