Light and Shade. Black and Gold.

I was preparing the outfits for my previous blog post Mixing and matching metallics: Rose Gold, Holographic, Gold. I needed a gold top. And it was not a big deal; all I did is quickly draped and sewn a gold sequins top. But when I was looking through my fabrics for the one that will suit the best; I come across golden pleated one. As soon as I finished with top, I pinned the pleated fabric to the mannequin and started draping. I wanted something easy, flowy and something that will elevate the fabric itself and make it look more expensive. Couple of days later the dress was ready.

Immediately I was thinking about dark moody photo shoot. The dress was the star of the show. I had one problem: I didn’t have the correct light modifier for the light to be the way I wanted. And I have spent already my monthly budget for photography gear on the backdrop and couple of other things. But no way will I wait for the next month. Plus I got plenty of other things I need too. So the answer was to get handy. And believe it or not, I created my own long narrow soft box.

And by the way, if you want to know how I made the soft box and what materials I used, just subscribe to my newsletter. I highly recommend it, because only the guys and girls who subscribed will get to know how the magic happens. And trust me, I guaranty- I won’t be sending you emails all the time and clutter you mail box. I am myself dead against it.

Anyway, back to photo shoot. That day my plan was to test if my homemade soft box is working. To my delight, it worked perfectly. So I couldn’t resist seeing how the dress will look. Cut the long story short, I had my photo shoot. I ended up going for all natural look, with slightly refreshed make up.

I am a big fan of action shots. It is challenging when you are photographer and model at the same time. But without going in to technicalities it is possible, even with “slow-ish” strobes. What I mean is: to freeze the motion the speed of the studio strobe must be above 1/2000. My Elinchrom bx500ri just don’t do it well enough. But it’s ok for now, if I time the jump and get the shot at the point when I hang in the air, the image comes out petty ok.

All it is left now is to find an occasion to wear my petty easy-peasy dress.

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