Mixing and matching metallics: Rose Gold, Holographic, Gold.

It is very interesting, but from my observation, the fashion now is like a blind and confused creature that is walking the circles and keeps on bumping in the same walls. Fallowing the trends is becoming absurd, it is the same things over and over again, maybe slightly changed. And I must say I don’t complain about it, I love it! Because, I can store away some items for a while; and pull them out when they are relevant again. One of reacquiring trends is metallics. And I must confess – I am absolutely obsessed with everything that shines. I love everything shiny and sparkly. I believe it was influenced by all of the Indian movies we use to watch when we were kids. During soviet times in Moldova, all you could see in rural cinema was Indian and Russian movies. And we loved Indian movies, they was so colourful and full of gold and embellishments.

So like you can imagine, I have a lot of sparkly and shiny clothing and accessories in my wardrobe. Even thou I am not wearing it most of the time. One of my favourites is a pair of rose gold skinny jeans from Guess.  And I thought it will be interesting to mix rose gold with other two of my favourite metalliks – holographic and gold. Honestly, if you ask me what my favourite colours are, they will be: Rose Gold, Holographic and Gold.

For the photo shoot I used my newly assembled studio. The space was there all the time, and finally I can use it. 😀 Like usual, all of the production is me, for now… I am blessed when it comes to camera equipment. I have variety of camera bodies from Canon and even Hasselblad 40D, it is my fiancés and I can use it. But that will happen when I am ONLY behind the lens. When it comes to the studio equipment, it is pretty basic for now, but I am building on it. Slowly ketch the monkey! 😀 And from my previous experience I learned very valuable lesson: after reading all of the books, you thing you need everything and now, it is not true; start with basics and slowly add on as need arises. Otherwise you will waste your money on bunch of stuff that you don’t need, or wrong quality.

I hope you enjoy what you see and it gives you some ideas. And If you want more to know about behind the scenes and equipment and tricks and techniques I have used in this and other photo shoots, make sure that you sign up for my newsletter. I can guaranty, I won’t clatter your mailbox, I hate it myself!

Almost forgot, I had to improvise for the Gold look. I needed something as a top of course, but couldn’t find anything suitable. That’s why I quickly draped and hand sewn sequin top.

Moral of the story: If you can do it all, do it! But hope that one day you won’t have to! ;-D

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