Milk photography. My experience.

Milky photo shoot

Milky photo shoot

Milky photo shoot

Milk Photography

Milk Photography


I was looking on Pinterest for inspiration and came across milk photography. Basically the photos are taken in the bathtub filled with milky water. Some of those images were really spectacular. There was something mystical and ethereal about them. So I decided to try it out and see what will come out of it.

Naturally when you think about bathtub with milk water, it means you add milk to the water. But to be safe I decided to do some home work. I read that you add a milk powder blah-blah-blah, also add some starch to make water more opaque. All of it is bull. All you need is a bath full of comfortably warm water and long life low fat milk. It does not have smell and you add milk till you are happy with the colour. The milk powder takes forever to dissolve. The starch just sinks to the bottom, and there is the chance that you can block the pipes.

The biggest challenge was to photograph. And it’s because I was a photographer and a model. Off course my shutter remote was helping me and by the way it was wrapped in to two zip lock bags for safety. The camera was on auto-focus, and this is where it got tricky. In other photo shoots I was shooting full body shot of myself, and the focusing wasn’t a big deal. The small aperture around f 11 and the distance helped to keep everything in focus. But now my aperture was f 5,6 and the distance was very close, plus the angle of the camera. I thought it is all fine, till I realized that the camera was focusing on the tap or on my neck. So I narrowed focusing field and made sure that my face in correct spot.

By the way, believe me, especially when you photographing you self, there is no way that there will be none of unwanted objects in the shot. The easiest way to deal with it is to remove it all in Photoshop.

All of the colour correction was done in Capture One Pro 9 trial software. Must say I am impressed, but unfortunately it can’t replace Photoshop for more advance retouching.

And by the way, the makeup was extremely simple. I just applied Essence Colour Art eye base all over my face, neck and shoulders. Then I brushed all over the Essence Pigments louse glittery shadow in 11 Cotton Candy. And I highlighted my eyes with Mac creamy eyeliner and Chanel mascara. I made my hare wet before applying the makeup and then slicked it down with Shin Wax.

To make the photographs more fashion I played around with the brooch.

P.S.: If you want to find out what camera and what gear I used for this photo shoot and see before and after images; sign up for Oxygem World news letter.

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