Sparkly sequins.

I wanted to do this photo shoot for a while now. And finally I got to it. I hope you like the end result. 😀

It was interesting, I had to do it all myself… Why?  I am kind of “Jack of all trades” and my two biggest passions are – fashion design and photography. Also when we are starting out and we do have abilities but limited budget, we have to stay small, and hope that one day… ah well, you know the story :-D.

My journey as a photographer started about 5 years ago. I started with wildlife photography (in South Africa the wild life is AMAZING!). I loved it, but it just fun, not a passion. I love fashion, and it is where I want to be! I was asked to do some photo shoots here and there before. Only models was fare from professionals, and I wasn’t fully committed. Also I was never really in to photographing people. Perhaps because it can be a lot more challenging to photograph non-professional model than bird or even moth in flight :-). Things have changed. I have a lot more clarity and I am ready to explore the world of capturing fantasy world of fashion. And this is exactly what I want to do on my blog. Will see where it will take me…

For now I have to be my own model, lucky I am a female :-D. I am not a fan to be in front of the camera, but I am getting use to it. I love the challenge! So my line of thinking is: “Ok, I hate to be photographed, but I love to photograph. I need a model and I don’t want to wait till some one good in it will agree to pose for me for free. I know what I want. And it will be easier for now to do it my self; there are plenty fashion bloggers who photograph themselves. It is not about me, it is about concept and angles. So stop being scared and deliver!”

Other thing is, I do a lot of “photoshoping” on the background and on my skin. I am photographing at home, so there are things I am not comfortable to show. And if there are the objects that are distracting from the image, they have to go. When it comes to my skin, I am not perfect. I am doing my own make up, and running up and down in the heat produces terrible hot spots. Also while in front of the camera, I can’t see if something out-of-place. Thank you my assistant Photoshop :-D.

All of the dresses are designed and created by me as well. So I hope you like what you see. Any questions, I am here!

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